One of the best ways to prevent harmful particles and pollutants from reaching your home is
to stop them at the source with an advanced air purifier. HVAC systems have a built-in filter, but these are insufficient in improving the indoor air quality. At Bell Cow, we offer whole-home mechanical air purifiers to deliver clean air throughout your home, silently and efficiently.


The most efficient way to filter air in your home is at the source – through your homes forced-air heating or central air-conditioning system. At Bell Cow, we install an advanced MERV 11* advanced media air filter at the return air ductwork, trapping particles as air passes through. This advanced mechanical filtration system means that the filtration works 100% of the time your system is running and requires no outside power source.

*MERV is the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value – it is a rating based on the size of the holes in a filter and thus the size of microns that are able to pass through. The higher the MERV rating, the smaller the holes, and the more particles that are blocked


  • The MERV 11 advanced media air filter helps remove household dust, insecticides, dust mites, pollen, mold spores, fungi, bacteria, pet dander, cooking smoke and grease, and tobacco smoke particles


  • Unlike traditional filters, a MERV 11 advanced media air filter is able to trap up to 100 times more while maintaining efficiency standards.
  • The high-efficiency MERV 11 advanced media air filter helps remove household particles down to 0.3 micron
  • The use of a media air cleaner can prolong the life and operating efficiency of central heating and cooling systems.
  • Easy to access and replace

Why Bell Cow?

daniel on vanAt Bell Cow, our technicians are trained and experienced in the installation of advanced air filtration systems within heating and cooling systems. The routine maintenance required with a whole-home air filtration system can be added to a Bell Cow service agreement to ensure constant protection. Due to the installation procedures of the MERV 11 media air filter, a qualified contractor must be used to maintain proper functionality. Call us today at 844-234-2355 for a free consultation or if you have any additional questions.