For homeowners and businesses alike, protecting potable water is important to the health and safety of the inhabitants. Backflow can occur when excess pressure builds downstream in a pipe from where the water is being supplied, or from a lack of pressure at the supply point (such as a water main break). Without proper backflow protection, contaminants like soaps, pestcides, herbicides, and other environmental contaminants can make their way into the water that you drink, cook with, or take a shower in. Whether your home is on a singular sourced water system, or you are part of a community system, the risks caused by backflow still remain.

Bell Cow has the full expertise to diagnose, repair, and install new and existing backflow systems. In addition, we are specifically certified to perform backflow testing at regular intervals to ensure your current backflow system is operating effectively. Whether you have an irrigation system that connects to the water supply, or a pool on premise that is supplied from your water system, backflow testing is a critical component to the safety of your water.

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