Ductwork Services at Bell Cow

Whether you are buying a new home, or renovating an existing home, ductwork plays a huge role in the comfort, energy efficiency, and durability of your heating and cooling system. Ductwork repairs and installation is an important service offered by Bell Cow Heating and Cooling, and is one of the first items to cross off your home-improvement checklist. Ductwork installation can vary in price and quality, so make sure you call Bell Cow for a free estimate if you’re thinking about making ductwork improvements.

Ductwork Basics

Because duct systems are designed to properly distribute air throughout a building, if the system is not well designed it can result in high energy costs, bad indoor air quality, and elevated noise levels.

Choosing the correct sized ductwork is important to maintaining proper air flow in the system.

In their design, ducts are individually sized to carry a certain amount of air to properly heat or cool a room. All combined airflow from the ductwork should equal roughly the output of your HVA equipment. Correctly sizing ducts will make your home more comfortable, efficient, and extend the life of your equipment. Because of the complexity of designing duct systems, we highly recommend using the ACCA “Manual D” for sizing ductwork, and consulting the professionals at Bell Cow Heating and Cooling.

Repairing your Ductwork


Your home’s ductwork can separate and create gaps over time allowing air from your heating and cooling system to escape into untargeted areas of the home such as closets, attics, or inside walls.

In other situations, wildlife, moisture, or contractors working in your crawlspace or attic can damage individual ductwork lines causing the need for repair.

When gaps are created, or individual lines of ductwork are damaged, your HVAC system will be forced to work much harder to maintain the proper temperature in living areas. Repairs are normally recommended in cases where individual lines of ductwork may have become separated or damaged. In order to prevent air from escaping and improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, call Bell Cow if you are in need of ductwork repair.

Replacing your Ductwork

When a simple repair isn’t enough, or your problems are more widespread to the age of the ductwork system or a load miscalculation, replacing your ductwork could be the solution.

Older ductwork systems are more prone to the issues that arise from accumulated wear and tear. Seams, joints, and seals in ductwork lines can be compromised in older systems creating a loss of air flow and creating inefficiencies in the system. In many cases, such as during home construction, ductwork is designed with the lowest cost in mind, meaning that ductwork systems can begin deteriorating within 10 years. When these widespread issues arise, full system replacement might be the only solution.

Aside from replacing ductwork systems due to wear and tear, many HVAC systems are installed with incorrectly or improperly sized ductwork. It’s usually fairly easy in these cases to adjust and reconfigure the existing ductwork so that you can benefit from the full capacity of your equipment. This can include adding additional ducts or returns if needed.

Improperly routed, damaged, or worn ductwork can be a problem in many ways. Bell Cow Heating and Cooling provides expert duct replacement services. For help in repairing or replacing your ductwork system, call Bell Cow Heating and Cooling for a free estimate at 844-234-2355.