During the coolest parts of the year, it is important to make sure your heating system is performing at peak efficiency and without disruption. Reasons for a breakdown are numerous depending on whether your home is heated by a furnace, a heat pump, or a packaged system.

Regardless of the source of the issue, call us today, or fill out an appointment request here to have your system repaired today.

 Split – Systems

Centrally heated homes in the southeast primarily use an appliance such as an oil or gas furnace to heat homes in the winter. A furnace uses oil or combustion gases to heat air as it is blown across a heat exchanger, and then re-distributes the warm air throughout the home. A furnace works in conjunction with an air conditioner by using the same set of ductwork to distribute warm and cool air throughout the home. Typical furnace breakdowns include broken fan blower motors, faulty pilot lights, cracked heat exchangers, and blown fuses.

  • If you smell a strong gas odor from a furnace, shut off the gas valve to your furnace and call Bell Cow or another licensed expert immediately.

Heat Pumps

Unlike a furnace, a heat pump uses electricity rather than fuel to move warm air from one place to another. Heat pumps have grown in popularity due to increased energy efficiency over gas-burning appliances. In the cool months, heat pumps are most effective in the southeast and deep south, where homeowners typically don’t experience sustained periods of temperatures below 30 degrees. However, sometimes heat pumps work in conjunction with oil or gas furnaces to keep homes warm in cooler environments (just like a split system). Frequent heat pump breakdowns often arise from the heat pump cycling incorrectly, the blower motor not working, an issue with the control board, or the condenser unit freezing up.

Packaged Units

Packaged systems operate just as their name suggests, the heating and air conditioning features are combined into one unit that is typically placed outside, but can also sometimes be found in a crawlspace or on a roof. Packaged units are found in the form of packaged air conditioners, packaged hybrid systems, packaged heat pumps, or packaged gas and electric units (gas packs), with gas (propane, oil, or natural gas) used as the heating source in the cooler months. Dual gas and electric capabilities eliminates the need for an indoor furnace. Packaged unit repairs are generally similar to those of heat pumps and split systems.