Indoor Air Quality

According to the EPA, a typical person spends approximately 90% of their time indoors. What most homeowners don’t realize is that indoor air pollutants are roughly 2 to 5 times higher than concentration levels outside. These pollutants come from a variety of sources including carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, biological agents such as germs, mold, lead, asbestos, and other organic matter such as dust mites, and pet dander. In coincidence, the people most affected by indoor air pollutants are the ones who spend most of their time inside – children, older adults, and those affected by cardiovascular or respiratory illnesses1. At Bell Cow, we have a range of options to help combat these problems and improve indoor air quality.

UV Lights

Ultraviolet (UV) germicidal lights produce short wavelength light that damages the genetic material in organic matter such as germs, bacteria, RGF-REME-HALOmold, and viruses – preventing reproduction and limiting their harmful effects on households2. At Bell Cow, we take the steps of installing UV lights in your ductwork to combat harmful pathogens and matter as they move through your heating and cooling system. In addition to killing bacteria, mold, and viruses, UV lights can help reduce odors and are relatively easy to install and service, significantly improving the air quality of your home.

Advanced Air Filtration Systems

One of the best ways to prevent harmful particles and pollutants from reaching your home is to stop Filtercleanerthem at the source with an advanced air filtration system. HVAC systems have a built-in filter, but these are insufficient in improving the indoor air quality. A newly installed Bell Cow advanced air filter, installed at the furnace, mechanically cleans the air of dust, pollen, and smoke – helping to keep the home clean. The exceptionally large surface area traps dust, pollen, molds, tobacco smoke, grease, soot, bacteria, and animal dander to keep the air free of airborne pollutants and irritants.

Routine Maintenance

It is important that any indoor air quality improvements be used in conjunction with routine maintenance to insure proper functionality. UV lights must be checked to determine if they need to be changed, and air filters (similar to the ones in your home) should be changed twice a year. These services can be incorporated in a Bell Cow planned maintenance agreement where we also take proactive measures to clean air conditioning coils and check drain pans to deter any mold and bacteria accumulation. Call us today to find out what measures you can take to improve the air quality in your home.