A power generator is an independent backup source of power in the case of a power outage. In North Carolina, we are all too familiar with the ice storms in the winter and the tropical storms in the summer time that wreak havoc on our electrical supply. For customers that require uninterrupted electrical service for their well-being, this can be a life-threatening ordeal. A whole-house stand-by generator provides relief without even having to think about it – an automatic switch monitors the homes power supply, and at the sign of a disruption, the generator restores power almost immediately and continues to run until utility power is restored.

ruddsmallgenBell Cow is proud to be certified in the maintenance and installation of
Ruud Seregen® Series generators – the leading line in whole-house generators. Ruud Seregen® Series uses existing natural gas or LP as the fuel source, and an automatic transfer switch to divert the power supply to your homes panel system when an interruption is detected in the electrical system.

One of the most important factors in the performance of whole-house standby generators is regular maintenance. Bell Cow offers planned maintenance agreements to ensure your generator will be operating at peak efficiency when it is needed. Routine maintenance includes but is not limited to changing the oil, checking and replacing spark plugs, and replacing the unit’s air filter.

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