The substructure beneath your home, including all the wooden components, is critical to the support of your whole house. Preserving the structural integrity of these wooden components insures that all areas of the home are safe to access, and that future additional damage won’t take place. In addition to damage to the actual wooden members in the crawlspace, a sagging sub-flooring system can lead to buckled or warped floors, and potential cracks to walls in the home.


The most common sources of damage to wooden components in the substructure are moisture and wood destroying insects. Structural damage from moisture can be caused by anything from a plumbing leak to general condensation building up on wooden components over time. Wood-destroying fungi forms in the wood and an eventual compromise of the structural integrity takes place. Wood destroying insect damage is typically caused by termites, wood boring beetles, and even carpenter ants. Unpredictable in nature, wood destroying insects have the ability to cause damage on a large scale.

As the most exposed portion of the home, the substructure is one of the most obvious areas to make repairs when confronted with a strutural problem. However, the difficulty with making repairs in the substrucutre is that the space can be very restricitve, and often times it’s a tough environment to work. Bell Cow is qualified to make construction repairs to the following elements:

  • canstockphoto27571040Joists
  • Girders
  • Sill Plates
  • Bands or Headers
  • Sub-Flooring
  • Knee Walls

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